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Wake up and smell the...bread

Posted in Cooking on Tuesday 7 April 2009

Got the chance to pick up a Kenwood bread maker today, so as I had been "umming and arring" for ages about getting a bread maker I took the opportunity.

So tonight the house was awash with the aroma of my first home baked wholemeal loaf. I tried a wholemeal bread on a 2.5 hour cycle. It turned out looking great.

And the smell. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm............. Delicious and nutritious.

It was dead easy - just chuck everything in, in the right order, and away you go. It mixes the ingredients, kneads the bread and heats it to make it rise before baking it. Plus you can keep an eye on your creation through the window at the top.

Let's hope for many more successes like tonight!

I really like the idea of waking up to fresh bread so I will try that put everything in and set the timer.

There are lots of other breads to try too, some sound interesting but I think I will give curry bread a miss.

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