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But only 2 people complained...?

Posted in Miscellaneous on Saturday 1 November 2008

18th October. A couple of people said some inappropriate things on a national radio station during a pre-recorded show. Two (2) people complained (out of a regular audience of 400,000) about the use of the F word. The world moved on.

26th October. The Mail on Sunday reported the incident.

Fast forward to today, 31 October. The two very well known broadcasters are no longer on Radio 2, one has quit and one has been suspended for 12 weeks. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has commented on the incident. A much-admired Controller of Radio 2 Lesley Douglas has resigned. And aspiring actress and dancer Georgina Baillie is getting all the attention she no-doubt craves and is surely loving every minute. In fact she is quoted as being "really happy". I bet she is. Meanwhile millions of people are denied an entertaining TV show on Friday nights and radio shows they have enjoyed.

Let's consider for a moment the people who complained after the story broke.

Either they heard the broadcast, did not consider it worthy of a complaint at the time and later changed their minds. Or, they did not hear the broadcast and are raising a complaint about a piece of radio they have heard only because it is newsworthy.

Why does it matter that, after the prank calls became international news, 37,500 sheep picked up the phone and effectively moaned "oh yes, me too". If they weren't bothered about the broadcast at the time then how could they possibly be offended by it now?

Let's be clear, I accept that what Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross did was wrong, stupid, childish, thoughtless, unprofessional and plain rude. I accept that they shouldn't have done it. I accept that an apology was due (and it has been made).

But my point is that we all make mistakes. You do. I do. It's part of being human. It's part of living together on this thing called Earth that's spinning through space. Can't we just move on?

Ross and Brand are two entertaining and popular stars - not to everyone's taste, but then no one is. Millions of people enjoyed their radio and TV broadcasts.

This week they've been caught doing 40 in a 30 zone and have had 12 points put on their licence.

That's a shame for them, and a shame for all who enjoy their output.

I was going to finish with some more about Georgina Baillie but puts it far better than I ever could.

As Manuel would say...kraazy!

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