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The usefulness of the internet in everyday life part 2

Posted in Miscellaneous on Wednesday 9 February 2005

I discovered a new concept on the web today - the Land Registry have decided to bulk sell house price information. And some sites are giving it away for free, which is nice.

Take for example which allows you to register and perform 20 searches per week. An excellent tool for nosey neighbours, people who are just wondering what their house might be worth this week and, probably most importantly, estate agents.

One of the most important jobs for an estate agent is valuing property and, clearly, knowing what neighbouring properties sold for recently is of great benefit.

In fact I am surprised such valuable information is available for nothing.

The aforementioned website is very well implemented, quick and simple to use. However there are other similar sites mentioned and linked from this BBC News article.

Must go, I need to find out how much a mate spent on his house.

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